6. Site Recommendation

I originally started this blog with the idea of publishing my ramblings and of answering questions from students and teachers on abstruse points of grammar. There seemed to be lots of places on the net where prescriptive pedants were telling you what you should say,  but not many places where we could  discuss what is actually said, and why it is said.

A day or two after I had started this blog, I looked around for sites on which I might announce the arrival of this stunning gramorakial service. An early discovery was usingenglish.com.

Here, students and teachers post a wide range of questions which are answered and discussed by a motley crew of students, teachers, academics and just people who are interested in English and the teaching of it. Some of the contributors are silly, some ignorant, some opinionated, but most are experienced, thoughtful teachers who give sound and helpful advice. I wish that site had been around when I was a beginning teacher; I also wish I had discovered it when I was more experienced – it’s not just beginning students who can learn from the answers.

So, I hope you will continue to read my blog to see if there may be something of interest here, and also to send in questions, but I do recommend that you also have a look at usingenglish.com .

There is also another good forum at http://www.englishforums.com/English/.

My own website on grammar is also up and running, thanks to EJ of Webbdesign. So far it has a number of articles (stunningly written, I feel) on various issues concerning the English Verb. Drop in – it’s free!  www.gramorak.com. Unfortunately this is not operating at the moment. I hope to be back there soon.

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